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Getting your organisation ‘digital-ready’ can be daunting. Our Digital Transformation services will guide how your company can take advantage of emerging technologies to streamline higher returns on your data investments.

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What is Digital Transformation?

With IT playing a central role in the achievement of today’s business goals, digital investments simply cannot be overlooked. The ongoing digital revolution represents a massive opportunity to organisations that leverage emerging technologies that will drive leaner work operations. Yet, investing in the latest technologies alone will not grow the revenues and sales. Unless you are prepared to handle these effectively, your company will waste capital and yield disappointing a return. If technology is the tool, your team is the ‘Transformative Enabler’.

Planning Your Digital Transformation

Evros will identify your digital potential and opportunities by offering expert in-depth analysis of your inner technological workings. 

Digital Transformation Services
Determine Mandate & Scope
Assess Drivers & Constraints
Environment Evaluation
Define Target Landscape
Identify Digital Initiatives
Build Your Transformation Roadmap

Your Digital Transformation Matters

Evros will ensure that you remain ahead of the wave of change that Digital Transformation is driving throughout industry, across a number of key areas of your business.

Technology Transformation

The initial focus is to ensure that you are leveraging the optimal platform to support your business. Evros can determine the right platform for your workload – our team support on premise, private cloud and public cloud workloads, with a holistic vendor-agnostic approach that focuses on delivering the optimal value for your environment ensuring efficiency, scalability and flexibility.


The traditional security paradigm will always shift when organisations implement new technological practices. Evros provides security transformation services to re-align your security to focus on data and user identity and behaviour, rather than relying on the traditional model of perimeter security.



The digital revolution is being driven by data. Understanding data and unlocking its potential can drive one of the biggest transformations in your organisation. Whether it’s delivered through Big Data or Predictive Analytics, data can deliver more value than previously realised, delivering in-depth insight and analytics reports upon which you can base your core business decisions.

Staff Enablement

Digital Transformation often leads us into uncharted territory, which can trigger the general fear of change among your team. Yet true Digital Transformation will only forge staff empowerment by elevating productivity capability for your people. Realise a workplace that could easily facilitate remote working and ‘Bring Your Own Device’ work culture with multi-collaborative platforms.

Customer Engagement

A true consumer experience strategy understands what a client wants and then satisfying that using an omni-channel approach that delivers a consistent experience throughout the transaction life cycle. Evros delivers a range of integrated portals and applications to provide customers with an online personality and intelligence that differentiates them to their clients.

Our Background


Evros Technology Group is Ireland’s leading provider of IT Managed  Services, Private and Public Cloud, and Systems Integration. Established in 1990, Evros Technology Group offers unrivaled support in the design, supply, implementation and support of enterprise IT infrastructure. The 100% Irish IT company delivers a full end to end, flexible and innovative approach to servicing clients IT requirements under one provider. With over 450 employees operating out of offices in Dublin, Cork, Waterford and New Zealand, the company delivers unique national coverage in the IT services industry.

Delivering remote technical support from its state of the art 60k sq ft facility in South Dublin, Evros Technology Group monitors and manages over 100,000 devices nationwide 24x7x365. In addition, the company delivers Managed and Private Cloud platforms from Tier 3+ data centres in Ireland, UK and the US. The market-leading Cloud IT Managed Solutions company has the capability to deliver custom-built customer workloads across On-Premise, Managed Hosted, Private and Public Clouds; anytime, anywhere, for any organisation.

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