Software Asset Management

Evros Affinity

Our range of advanced Licensing Services give you the simplicity and flexibility you need to make your software work for you.

Software Licensing Optimisation and Management

Businesses today are constantly evolving. And as your Software Assets grow and change, they become increasingly more complex to manage.
As a result, many businesses can end up investing unplanned time, energy and money into managing these assets – at the cost of their own agility and scalability.

Introducing: Evros Affinity

Expert Software Licensing Management for your Business
Evros Affinity comprises a full range of advanced Licensing Services to enable complete simplicity, flexibility and cost efficiency.
Evros Affinity Services Include:

1. Licensing Strategy Advisory Service

Our in-depth knowledge and experience of software licensing means we can optimise your licence agreement strategy for a more value-centric approach.


We’ll review your current estate and get a full understanding of your licensing procurement processes.


We’ll then look at which technologies will best meet your business goals.


Through a process of compare and contrast, we’ll then help you decide on the best route for you.


We can provide exclusive access to specialist workshops as well as our licence management portal and support services.

2. Software Asset Management as a Service

We’ll measure, monitor and report on what licences you have installed, as well as how they are used (and how frequently), and compare this to what you are licensed for, to ensure you’re following the most cost-effective approach.

Reduces risk

Reduces cost

IT Infrastructure ServicesEnhances agility

We can also provide regular health checks to ensure your technologies, licence types and business objectives are all aligned.

Additional Services

To help you stay on top of your licensing agreements, we also provide the following services:

  • Simplified Licensing Management – through our easy to use portal.
  • Annual technology briefing and Microsoft updates by Evros Cloud subject matter experts.
  • Exclusive access to specialist workshops to help you maximise your cloud software investment.
  • Access to support and specialist resources including Microsoft cloud services.
  • Specialist assistance with cloud migrations

Why choose

  • Proven track record in delivering Microsoft technologies for 20+ years.
  • Microsoft Gold certified across a range of key technologies.
  • A wide pool of Microsoft consultants, architects, engineers and dedicated support.
  • Dedicated in-house Microsoft Division.
  • The only Irish partner with extensive capabilities to deliver on hybrid cloud, public cloud and our own private cloud.

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