Fast, Secure, Compliant.

For many businesses, remote working was an almost impossible goal to meet while maintaining industry compliance – until now.

The challenge

Flexible working is the new norm. And Microsoft Azure is already enabling millions of users around the world to access their data – wherever they are.

However, for those organisations whose data is highly sensitive or whose industry is strictly regulated, accessing data outside of the digital confines of the office, can present various compliance issues.

What is Azure Serve?

Azure Serve is a unique and powerful solution devised by Evros. It allows businesses to give their users secure, compliant access to everything they need to work remotely.

By leveraging the power of Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) – previously Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) – we can deliver the tools and information your users need, virtually, keeping your data secure and all in one place.

How can Azure Serve benefit your business?

With Azure Serve, we can give you fast, secure and compliant access to the cloud, as well as:

Enterprise cloud servicesIncreased flexibility

The year of 2020 has brought businesses many new challenges with regards to how they enable their users as well as continue to deliver their services.
Azure Serve allows you to work in the way that you need without sacrificing standards or compliance.

Cost management

With Azure Serve, costs are predictable and easy to manage.
Windows Virtual Desktop is also the only cloud platform that can run Windows 10 multi-user. This allows for an experience that users are familiar with, at an enterprise scale, and re-uses licenses that many Office 365 customers often already have.

Security and compliance

Employing Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) for your remote workers, allows your sensitive data to remain local to Azure. This avoids any data being stored on home PCs with the added benefit of increased performance.

Reduced complexity

Azure is an incredibly complex and performant set of cloud services.
At Evros, we have the experience and the technical expertise required to enable secure remote working for your business – whatever your needs.

IT Infrastructure ServicesRapid deployment

Azure Serve offers businesses the opportunity to enable entire workforces, quickly and securely, giving users what they need, when they need it.

microsoft teamsRemote working

Windows Virtual Desktop allows you to manage user access with ease. You can also set up multi-factor authentication for secure login, wherever your employees are.

Azure Serve Explained

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Why choose

Azure is fundamental in allowing businesses to move more freely in the way that they deliver services and also how they compete within a continually changing digital landscape.

  • Evros is one of Ireland’s only Microsoft Azure Expert MSPs
  • We’re one of the few Irish partners who are also Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop Advanced Specialization accredited
  • At Evros, we have invested heavily in our Azure capabilities, guided by Azure Practice Lead and Microsoft MVP Joe Carlyle.
  • Evros has delivered Desktop-as-a-Service via multiple vendors for several years. This breadth of experience allows us to choose a solution, strategy and technology that meets your business needs.
  • We have also successfully developed a mature Azure Managed Service offering which is based on the ITIL framework and backed by the ISO 20000 and 27001 certifications.
  • A Microsoft Gold Partner, we have a dedicated team of highly trained experts to support your Azure Serve deployment.
  • Our years of experience in Azure as well as cloud technologies as a whole mean we not only know how to implement each solution, but we also know the best approach for your business.

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