Evros Virtual CISO Service (CISOaaS)

Quality Security Consultants Where You Need Them the Most

We provide the highest quality expertise direct to your business for a comprehensive and tailored approach. Our virtual CISO service embeds that expertise in your business in a cost effective manner for maximum effect.

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What is CISO-as-a-Service (CISOaaS)?

Experienced cyber security consultants are difficult to find. In fact, there are more than one million unfilled cyber security vacancies globally.
That’s why so many organisations turn to Evros’ CISO as a Service to get the quality cyber security consultants they need to secure their business.

Security Consultants of the highest level

Our CISOaaS offering allows us to deliver the highest expertise straight to your business.

We’ll work closely with you to deeply understand your business, the risks involved and your current cyber security maturity to define the AS-IS state of your organisation.

We’ll then propose, plan, implement and manage a tailored security programme for your business, to ensure continuous security improvements across all of your domains.

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How Evros CISOaaS can help your business 

Our security consultants are equipped with the highest level of technical expertise to proactively manage and mature your security programme.


Other benefits include:

Cost Efficiencies

Choosing Evros CISOaaS is significantly less expensive than hiring an internal resource with equivalent experience and skills.

microsoft teamsExpertise

Our technical expertise covers many different sectors and companies to your organisation with best practices by experienced security resources.

Enterprise cloud servicesTime Saving

Hiring internal resources can be lengthy and time-consuming. Our services give you instant access to highly experienced security consultants for as long as you need.

High Availability

By utilising Evros CISOaaS, your dedicated resource can be backfilled by other experienced security consultants as required, should they need time off.

cyber securityFully Managed

Evros will take care of any necessary training, certifications, holiday planning, insurance etc. for easy management.

Enterprise cloud solutionsAccountability

This is a managed service provided by Evros and we are responsible for ensuring the quality of the service provided.

Private Cloud SolutionsIndependent

With Evros CISOaaS, you will always be analysed independently by our experienced resources and baselined with other companies in the same industry. This ensures your organisation is always following best practices and protocols.

Full consultation

Your Evros CISO will also ensure you’re aware of any new cyber threats and measures and that need to be taken proactively to keep your business secure. This includes building up internal security capability and organising any training and certifications needed.

Secure your business with Evros 

With offices in Ireland and New Zealand, Evros Security Experts are able to watch over data 24/7/365.
We’re also one of the only technology providers in Ireland to be fully accredited ISO27001 for Information Security Management and ISO20000-1 for IT Service Delivery.

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