Evros ClOudStore

The simple web interface to consume

and manage Evros services.

CloudStore gives you a simple web interface to consume and manage the services we provide for your business.

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What is Evros CloudStore?


The secure, user-friendly portal allows you to have a single, heads up display of your IT infrastructure across on-premises, Digital Planet Enterprise Cloud and Azure, as well as detailed visibility into critical services such as backups, disaster recovery, patching and network security.

With features such as multi-cloud Virtual Machine management, service management and reporting, CloudStore can simplify complex IT processes to increase productivity, as well as provide key insights into your IT environment.

Efficient, effective and easy to use, Evros CloudStore gives you everything you need to know at a glance, on a secure and real time platform.

Evros CloudStore

Evros CloudStore features

Evros CloudStore includes a full range of features and services that will give you complete visibility, control and foresight into your IT environment.

Cloud Services:

Single heads-up display for your infrastructure
Billing and reporting
Virtual machine self-service management
Simplified cloud migration
Disaster recovery management
Cloud backup services
Service provider licensing

Managed Services:

Service desk ticketing
Device monitoring and performance information
Managed patching
Online technical documentation

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