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We understand how much pressure businesses are under to deliver.

That’s why we’ve built a range of apps and digital tools to help with the everyday stuff, so that you can do more things
– of greater value.

Pick and choose the tools that are right for your business
We’ll make sure you’re fully setup quickly and easily
Our self-service portals can be accessed anytime
We’ll roll everything into clear, easy payments
Reduce admin, drive value and do more with your business

For My Business

Manage My Licensing

Our portal gives you complete control over your software licences. Track and manage all of your subscriptions and bundle all your licence agreements together for simplified billing.

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Manage My Cloud

Our CloudStore portal gives you a full overview of your cloud environment. Manage your VMs from one console and create additional infrastructure in a compliant and secure manner, on-demand.

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Get Business Apps

With innovation at the heart of everything we do, we’re always building new technologies to help you streamline processes, cut down on admin and find easier ways to work.

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For My Team

Order Hardware

Compare over 400,000 products via our eSource portal and get everything you need from laptops to headsets, monitors and more.

Learn Office 365

Our online learning portal is packed full of up to date videos and guides to help you make the most of all your Microsoft applications.

Office 365 Tools For Empowering
A Safer Workplace

Give your staff the power to stay connected, updated and safe – at work.

  • Evros Connect App: Send company alerts and updates
  • Safe Trace: For contact tracing in the workplace
  • Visitor 365 App: Screen visitors and manage capacities
  • Evros Rooms App: Maintain social distancing at work
  • Safe Clean: For keeping shared areas sanitised
  • User Adoption Portal: For remote working and learning

All of our solutions are simple to implement and will help you make the most of your Office 365 licence.

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Our Company Communications App allows you to send critical safety messages straight to all staff via their mobile device.
Our Visitor App allows you to keep your workplace safe, by securely managing who’s coming in and out of the door.
Keep daily logs of employee contact and group work in a simple, reliable way.
Book meeting rooms online, set capacities, avoid scheduling conflicts and drive a safer approach to face-to-face meetings.
Help your staff stay connected as well as collaborate easily while working from home, using our Online Training Portal.

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