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What Is Evros Office Pass?

Flexible working is the new norm. With Evros Office Pass, you have the power to enable a safe hot desking solution for your office, to align with the new hybrid way of working.

Social Distancing In The Workplace Made Easy

Our Intelligent Proximity Engine allows for automatic desk allocation based on social distancing guidelines. So, if you book Desk A then we close Desk B and so on. The system will prioritise your favoured desks or find you the next best alternative depending on what’s available.
We’ll enable this feature via our Proximity Workshop which aligns our Floor Matrix to your specific office floor plan.

How Does Office Pass Work?

Step 1: Create Your Digital Office Space

The first step is to create your digital office. This involves uploading all of your desk data, so your employees can see which desks are available to book at any given time. We’ll help you do this via an introductory workshop.

Desks can be categorised in four ways:

This permanently assigns a desk to a user. Administrators can release this desk if the desk user becomes sick or is on annual leave.

These are open for anybody to book. Users must have access to associated floor to make reservations.

Flexi desks are assigned to a user, but if user does not check-in, the desk is released back into the system for other users.

Stand Down
These desks have the potential to be manually closed and made unavailable for booking.

Step 2: Book A Desk

Using our Office Pass app, employees can book a desk easily using their mobile device.

Once a desk has been booked, the immediate surrounding desks will automatically be greyed out to ensure social distancing can be maintained.

Step 3: Check-in

The desk check in feature allows you to configure a pre-set time limit. This means users must confirm their attendance to the office via this functionality. If employees fail to check-in to their pre-booked desk, it is automatically released so others can use it.

Using our solutions, we can help you make checks and manage compliance to meet your needs.

Step 4: Self-declaration

As well as checking in, employees will also need to certify that they’re healthy and safe to enter the workspace via a self-declaration form.

Key Features

Adapt and create a flexible workplace.

Office Floor Maps

Display a map of your office floor so employees can easily find and book their desk for the day.

Your App, Your Branding

As well as making sure your app follows your company brand guidelines, we can also optimise your Office Pass app to your way of working.

Multi-Desk Types

Office Pass offers four desk types as a flexible solution for varying needs.

Office Pass in Microsoft Teams for mobiles

Make it easy for employees to find and book a desk on the go, by using Microsoft Power Apps.

Desk analytics

View real time data relating to desk occupancy and office floor capacity, to ensure your workplace never becomes over- crowded.

Advance booking reservations

Allow staff to reserve a desk in advance, so they can plan when they’re next in the office.

Effective hybrid working

With Evros Office Pass, employees will be able to see when their colleagues are working from the office so they can join them in person more easily. They just need to simply search by name or by team, to find the relevant contacts.
When setting up your app, we can also help you categorise specific areas of your office so that certain desks are saved for specific groups.

Occupancy Tracking

Evros Office Pass also gives you real time data of desk occupancy and office capacity levels. Monitor how your workplace is being utilised over time, so you can make informed decisions on office real estate value.

Track your company’s reduction in carbon emissions

You can also view overall office data relating to your company’s reduced carbon footprint from the new way of hybrid remote working. Our reporting system can measure collective car journeys your employees are saving and displays data on the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

Microsoft Business Applications Partner of the Year 2019 and 2020

Microsoft Partner of the Year for Employee Experience
and Apps within Teams 2021

Office Pass FAQs

Can the solution help with managing capacity?

Yes. By setting thresholds within the application, you’re able to have cut off points for the number of people who can book into a floor, office or general location.

Who manages Office Pass?

Basic changes to the application are made by the Admin App. Complex changes are made by our App specialists at Evros. The Admin App is simple to use and can be used by anyone in the business without specific IT experience.

What happens if someone does not pass the self-declaration?

The end user is met with a notification that they are no longer able to book a desk and HR is alerted to the negative declaration.

Can I sit with my team?

Yes! The system will prioritise your favoured desks and you can also see when your colleagues are in the office so that you can sit near each other.

How are social distancing guidelines maintained using the app?

Our applications can assist with capacity management and can manage the flow of people into certain desks as per social distancing guidelines.

Do I need Windows to run Office Pass?

No. Office Pass runs on any operating system that has a browser and on any phone. It can also be deployed via Microsoft Teams.

What software licencing is needed for Office Pass?

The following licencing options will cover your users: Business Premium, Business Essentials, E1, E3 E5 and F3. Premium licencing is also required for the Service Account.

As a Direct Microsoft Gold CSP Partner, we can help you get set up with the most appropriate licencing agreement for your business, quickly and easily.

Can Office Pass be added to Teams?

Absolutely! Our apps are built using Microsoft Power Apps which means they can be integrated with Microsoft Teams – this makes rollout extremely quick and easy. Once deployed within Teams, the app can be pinned to the navigation bar on the left-hand side for clear navigation and instant access.

Can I still use Office Pass without Microsoft Teams?

Teams makes it easy to roll out Office Pass. However, you do not need Microsoft Teams to access Evros Office Pass. You can access all of our solutions via Power Apps which is simple to use and install.

How do I map my office to the Office Pass app?

We will guide you through the process of mapping your office to the app so that it can be used specifically your business. In short, we require the floor plans as well as the photos that you’d like to use within the app, so users know which area of the office they are selecting. We will also work with you to name the different areas so that they can be searched for easily.

What requirements are needed for Office Pass?

Our downloadable guides will help you see what’s needed from both an IT and Facilities perspective.

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