Evros Vision Workshop (Power Hack)

Real and rapid change starts here

Evros Vision Workshop (Power Hack) is all about rapid innovation. See what Power Apps and Low Code can do for your organisation, and we will build a tangible and bespoke solution for your business, in just five working days.

We build solutions – fast

By working in a truly collaborative manner, we can deliver a working Power App that can truly revolutionise the way you work.

In just 5 days,
you will:

  • Gain technical insights, while defining your business problem and visualising the right solution.
  • Benefit from our dedicated UI/UX experts, developers and design thinkers.
  • Have a Power App deployed to your Tenant.
  • Have a Teams version of your App by end of week.
  • Have a clear roadmap of the defined solution as well as an overview of the effort and cost to implement it.

How we work


Define the Problem

We will work closely with you to ensure we get an in-depth understanding of how you currently work and what you would like to see change. It’s also the perfect opportunity to get creative and kickstart your vision!

Agree on the Requirements

Our experts will then design some Wireframes so you can see what the priority features in the App will be.

Build the App

Following on from the review session, we will build the Power App and convert it to a Teams app as well.


We will then present you with a full solution roadmap including details around timescale, costs and implementation.

Microsoft Business Applications Partner of the Year

“With Evros’ deep expertise in helping Irish customers enable Agile Business Processes, customers have the opportunity to drive digital transformation quickly using modern low code business application techniques, with a lower total cost and a super return.
Once you see how easy the deployment and adoption of Evros’ Microsoft platform-powered modern low code business application are, you’ll want to see how you can drive benefits across your entire organisation.”

Niall FitzmauriceBusiness Group Lead of Business Applications at Microsoft

Why choose

  • We’re Microsoft Business Applications Partner of the Year.
  • Our experience and technical expertise combined allows us to push the boundaries of AI and Power Apps.
  • We have built over 40 Apps and have a large stable of Reusable Components.
  • We have one of the leading designers in Europe working for us.
  • Our Mindmap process has been developed by Evros Labs to provide you with a truly innovative experience.
  • Every solution we provide is unique.

Uncover Digital Possibility

By leveraging our technical expertise along with our experience, we’re able to continually build valuable solutions for our customers that give them the agility they need to compete, disrupt and stay on top of their market.

As well as Microsoft Power Apps, we’re also highly adept and experienced at using:

  • SharePoint
  • PowerBI
  • Power Automate
  • Planner
  • Teams
  • Azure Cognitive Services

What’s right for your business, is right for our business.

Your time is precious

The overall process takes five days; however, this is how long we need to work. We’ll keep the time you need to give us to a complete minimum.

You might be eligible for some support from Microsoft

Microsoft is super supportive of companies looking to make a difference with Power Apps. If you fit the business criteria, Evros would love to help you get on some amazing Power App Partner Programmes.

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