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We combine expert threat intelligence and exploit tracking to identify vulnerabilities within your technology landscape and protect what’s most important to you.

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Why Vulnerability Management?

A system that seems secure one day can be vulnerable the next– particularly as new versions are released.
Attackers are constantly identifying new vulnerabilities in software and systems and you need to know where risks may exist.

Evros Vulnerability Management Service

To deal with this, organisations need to understand the versions and configurations of the software and services within their environment and maintain them optimally.
Our Vulnerability Management Service allows you to view and act on all vulnerabilities across all your digital platforms including:

  • Internet 
  • Applications 
  • Systems 
  • Cloud 
  • Hardware 

Why choose Evros? 

Traditional Vulnerability Management processes are time-consuming, inefficient, resource intensive and can focus on the wrong criteria, resulting in organisation security and compliance programs gaps. Evros Vulnerability Management services combine threat intelligence and exploit tracking to identify vulnerabilities and protect your most critical assets.

Private Cloud Solutions
Protecting your business from the inside
Our service is delivered 24/7 by our certified security analysts and leverages powerful technologies, including Tenable.io and IBM QRadar Vulnerability Manager, integrated with our advanced analytics platform to provide the best possible insights into your vulnerability status.

Security assurance
Our Vulnerability Management Services allow you to put your customers and stakeholders first by proving your business is secure.

Regulatory compliance
Ensure your business is fully compliant with all relevant industry regulations such as PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) or HIPAA, and attain valuable cyber security certifications such as ISO 27001

Patch management
We’ll provide feedback on your patch management status and change management programmes to ensure your systems aren’t at risk.

Microsoft Sharepoint solutions
Check third-party performance
Third party managed systems such as backup systems and VoIP systems are often left unpatched and outdated. Our network vulnerability assessment provides an independent and effective check on third-party performance.

Our Vulnerability Management service features include:

  • Asset Documentation
  • Scanning Setup and Configuration
  • Managed Ad-Hoc Scanning
  • Unlimited Self-Service re-scanning
  • Expert analyst recommendations for prioritised remediation

Secure your business with Evros 

With offices in Ireland and New Zealand, Evros Security Experts are able to watch over your data 24/7/365.
We’re also one of the only technology providers in Ireland to be fully accredited ISO27001 for Information Security Management and ISO20000-1 for IT Service Delivery.

Do You Know How Secure Your Organisation Really Is? 

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