Get To Know Evros Office Pass: Your Digital Key to Flexible Working

The challenge

As we start to head back to the office in 2021, flexible working will be the new norm. But with many restrictions expected to stay in place, how do we adapt to this new way of life safely?

Our solution

At this exclusive webinar, we’ll tell you all about how our Office Pass solution will give you and your employees the power to work flexibly – and safely – wherever you are.

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Evros Office Pass already allows you to book desks, complete self-declaration forms, log contacts and more. However, on the day, we’ll be covering the more in-depth aspects of Office Pass including:

  • How you can use Office Pass to safely track and manage people coming into your building.
  • How Office Pass protects employee privacy.
  • How you can use Office Pass to connect and collaborate.
  • How you can launch the system straight from Microsoft Teams (and on mobile) for fast and easy deployment.

We’ll also share our business insights taken from over 100 Irish Companies in past 10 months.

Presented by:

Paul Gilbride
Business Solutions Practice Director at Evros

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