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Redefine Your Workplace
With Hybrid Cloud

Many organisations with a number of complex IT systems can see Cloud as non-viable. Evros can help. A well-designed Hybrid Cloud strategy helps overcome many of your infrastructure constraints and drive your modernised workplace.

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The Best Of Both Worlds With Hybrid Cloud

Evros delivers a complete start-to-finish customised hybrid cloud blueprint built for your business environment.

Evros will identify, build and manage the exact cloud solution for your organisation, backed by Ireland’s largest indigenous cloud, Digital Planet, and the Microsoft Azure global platform. Whether you want to remain on-premise with the option of extending to the cloud through Public or Multi-tenant, Evros delivers Azure Stack as a critical building block for engineering the transformation of on-premises legacy systems to an integration with innovative private and public cloud systems. Harness the power of a unified enterprise platform that binds on-premise to the cloud with complete IT support, unmatched security, and leading technologies with Evros.

Hybrid Cloud On Your Terms

Azure Stack allows your organisation to have a common portal for the provisioning of IT services, be it on-premise, on dedicated hardware in our Private hosted Cloud, or in the Public Azure Cloud. Our proud Gold partnership with Microsoft enables us to easily deploy Azure and Azure Stack to your chosen location delivering a seamless Azure experience that increases efficiency, flexibility and productivity.

Why Choose Evros?

Meet your business and technical requirements backed by choosing the right combination of cloud and on-premises with Evros.

Experience modern application development, increased productivity, and powerful analytics tools through the combined expertise of Evros, Digital Planet, and Azure Stack. Our team can leverage the rich ecosystem of services and provisioning options available at Evros and Azure.

Evros Managed Service for Azure encompasses the complete design, delivery and daily operational support of your Azure environment. Our team will guide you through each stage of your cloud journey and advise on identity management, compliance, DR, development and licensing as well as long-term Microsoft Azure managed services.

Evros has achieved several major compliance certifications and can offer a 99.99% uptime SLA guarantee with our robust cloud services portfolio. Gain complete control over your data knowing where it is stored with nationwide and global reach across our Tier 3+ data centres in Ireland, UK, and the US.

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Our Hybrid Cloud delivers complete control over your data and compliance, increased productivity, and better decision making through powerful analytics tools.

Enterprise cloud services

Scalability and pay-as-you-use pricing to your familiar IT environment

Complete Managed Services for every aspect of Azure and dedicated cloud, including IaaS and PaaS layers, from applications to hardware infrastructure

‘Burst’ capabilities into Digital Planet multi-tenant or public clouds

Our Security Operations Centre meets the most stringent global security and compliance standards

Application development with our team of Microsoft certified engineers

Customised 24/7 support, monitoring and real-time alerts of devices and applications

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Experience the power of the only true Hybrid Cloud in Ireland.