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Where Evros Innovation Began

Our customers were looking for simpler ways to solve their business challenges with technology. By leveraging the expertise across Evros Technology Group, we worked closely with them to discover the right solution fit for their current environment. Supported by our extensive technology vendor partnerships, we developed viable solutions that helped realise their App dev needs. Keen to build upon our growing portfolio of disruptive technology solutions, the Evros development team established a streamlined custom-app Hub that drives accelerated testing and development across customer environments.

What is Evros Labs?

The Evros Labs vision is simple; we’re making Customer Experience transformation achievable for all Irish businesses. Evros Labs elevates every-day business workflows through the development of customised, intelligent and streamlined solutions that not only advance manual processes, but deliver valuable data analysis and insight into their own business. Our low-cost, high-turnaround incubator model builds and tests an App solution in a truly collaborative manner with our customer. We gain the developmental insight and experience of the test model, while our customer gains a fully-customised Enterprise App that has streamlined a once manual process. The outcome of Evros Labs? Our customers can develop strategic plans and make real-time informed decisions for their business trends. Emerging technologies are changing industry as we know it. Evros Labs is here to help your company experience real & rapid change with emerging App technologies.

Innovation Is Within Your Reach with Evros Labs

The Evros Innovation Team is a group of tech-niche experts who champion the innovative capability of Evros Labs.

Custom Application

Leverage our in-house technology incubator to drive disruptive technologies into your organisation. Our developmental labs allow our customers to realise their niche application needs.

Enterprise Mobile

For our cross-platform and hybrid apps, we leverage Microsoft that help us ensure a consistent functionality and look across platforms, integrating BI and reporting using Office365 and migration to Azure.


Our Microsoft in house capability delivers innovative Sharepoint app development and integration, increased productivity, and powerful analytics tools by leveraging our rich Evros ecosystem.

Power Platform

Our team has harnessed the Microsoft Power Platform to build custom line-of-business low-code, no-code, rapid prototyping app solutions that help our customers streamline their operations.

Our Customers Trust Evros Development

Your Success Matters

 The Evros Innovation Team is driven to help organisations like yours achieve app transformation in your environment.

Our wide pool of Evros consultants combine a deep technical knowledge and experience that discover and delivers key business outcomes to your organisation. Our Microsoft consultants are accredited with Microsoft’s top-level certifications such as SharePoint Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), so your organisation can be safe knowing expert level professionals will work together to deliver your vision.

Leverage our in-house technology incubator to drive disruptive technologies into your organisation. Our developmental labs allow you to realise your niche application ideas for a reduced cost. Our team work to create the app in-house built upon developing technologies and pre-baked app templates, which can be custom-built to your organisation’s needs.

Following multiple break-through success projects with our customers, we have streamlined a new breed of Apps, ready to implement into your environment. Our team understands that apps need to perform consistently across all browsers to achieve widespread success. That’s why we build streamlined back-ends, and dynamic, scalable front-ends when developing web portals, enterprise automation apps, micro-sites, and e-commerce solutions.

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