Instant Backup, Instant Recovery for Microsoft Azure

Keep your data fully protected against ransomware while deploying instant, automated Azure and cloud backup and recovery with Rubrik. Simple to manage, for complete peace of mind.

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Why choose Rubrik to back up your data?

Backup and recovery with Rubrik are both simple and fast. Recover data in seconds and specify your own, unique frequency and retention policies for up to near-zero RPO and RTO. Reduce management time by more than 90% with one SLA policy engine and integrate data orchestration, catalogue management and continuous data protection into a single, API-first software platform.


All backups are encrypted end-to-end and Rubrik’s immutable file storage system means data is fully protected from ransomware attacks.

By employing data analytics, Rubrik can help you detect anomalies within the system so that malware can be quickly detected.

And Rubrik also enables a continuous stream of recovery points to minimise data loss in the event of a failure or ransomware attack, giving you near zero RPOs with a single click.

SQL 2008 users will also be able to benefit from added protection: Rubrik is able to ‘auto-discover’ all your SQL instances and apply a protection policy to your current environment prior to upgrade.

Cost efficiencies

Rubrik is ideal for helping your business save time and money by avoiding legacy style backup architectures and processes. The Rubrik software is based on web scale technology which allows organisations to grow at their own pace, without expensive forklift upgrades. The simplicity of the technology means moving away from several layers of architecture to a single software fabric.

Rubrik also employs global deduplication which means you’re not paying to store unnecessary data.

On average, Rubrik typically helps organisations save anywhere from 30-70% TCO savings over a 3-5-year period.

Backup and recovery

With global predictive search, Rubrik allows users to locate and recover data easily – anywhere across their hybrid cloud environment with granularity down to the file-level – even for data that has been archived.

Rubrik’s software allows for recoveries with near-zero RTOs and RPOs. And you can automate your business’s data protection by specifying your own, unique frequency and retention policies using Rubrik’s SLA policy engine as opposed to scheduling backup jobs.

Rubrik can also help you backup and protect Microsoft Office 365 as well as Microsoft’s ANF (Azure NetApp Files) files in Azure.

Why Choose Evros
& Rubrik?

  • Evros is a trusted partner of Rubrik
  • We can advise you on the design and set up of your architecture to ensure its maximised for your business needs
  • Our cloud, Azure, security and managed services means your data will stay protected 24/7/365
  • We provide disaster recovery as a service and our business continuity solutions allow you to keep your IT environment intact and secure

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