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Cyber Security is complex.
With Evros, it doesn’t have to be.

Do you know how secure your organisation really is? Preventing cyber-attack in an increasingly complex threat landscape has led to the development of hardened Evros Enterprise Security solutions.

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Revolutionise How Your Company Defends Against Cyber Attack

Companies try to keep pace with rising cyber security threat levels but advanced black-hat attack and malware will reach your virtual doorstep sooner or later.
According to the European Economic and Social Committee, the most prevalent threat categories are 1) Malware and phishing, 2) Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), and 3) Data breaches.

intelligent security

Organisations find themselves in an increasingly complex cyber threat environment, having to face multi-faceted cyber risks, both internal and external. These risks affect business continuity, intellectual property, and personal and professional integrity. You can choose to be prepared and have a resilient threat strategy can plan, protect and prevent online attack. Avoid using multiple providers that offer complex concepts. Choose one unified security provider that delivers a complete security proof encompassing a full 360° of your virtual environment backed by 24/7 Security Operations Centre.

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Our Follow-The-Sun Security Operations Centres are dedicated to keeping our customers fully-protected from malware and cyber attacks 24/7/365. Our teams of highly experienced, technical engineers work not just to respond to incidents but to prevent them as well.

Where traditional IT companies operate a reduced workforce during out of office hours, Evros seamlessly switches support and monitoring between our Dublin and Auckland offices. This gives our clients complete vigilance against cyber threats, no matter what time zone the business operates in.

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ISO Accreditations & PCI DSS

Evros is one of the only technology providers in Ireland to be awarded ISO27001 for Information Security and its Managed Services Division, and ISO20000-1 fully-accredited in IT Service Delivery. These certifications elevate our company’s hardened stance against cyber attack, and positions us as the premier Enterprise Cloud Solutions provider on the Irish market. To further harden our stringent security standards, we have also gained PCI-DSS service provider Level 1 status; an accreditation which secures our reputation as market-leader in Cloud security.

Do You Know How Secure Your Organisation Really Is?