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The need for increased speed and capabilities has shifted enterprise away from legacy systems, towards a new breed of technology. Find out which IT infrastructure solution is right for you with Evros.

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Businesses have recognised the power of technology in responding quickly to business demands and targets. Yet, legacy IT infrastructure can lead to costly upkeep, forcing IT organisations to look towards more innovative solutions. Our core strength is our expert capability to customise your flexible and agile infrastructure, built for precise business purpose. Evros delivers High-Converged and Converged Infrastructures, to customised Infrastructure as a Service and Desktop Virtualization Infrastructure. Enjoy the freedom to further extend your environment into the public (Azure) or private enterprise cloud, or experience true work mobility with Virtual Desktop. Backed by our complete IT Managed Service wrap, your environment is supported across the entire spectrum of your Infrastructure demands.

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IT Infrastructure Services


IT Infrastructure Services


IT Infrastructure Services


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The Evros IT Infrastructure Eco-system


Evros has the vast expertise and experience to deliver Software Defined Data Centre (SDDC) solutions; end-to-end SDDC or specific solutions for Server, SAN, or Network Virtualization. We can integrate these solutions with Automation and Orchestration solutions, delivering portal-driven IT infrastructure that puts you back in control of IT systems operations and provisioning.

Server Virtualization

Evros will leverage the hyper visor solution to deliver resilient compute solutions that fully leverage the efficiency, flexibility, and control of Server Virtualization. We have a range of Hyper Converged Infrastructure solutions that offer consolidated Compute, Storage, and Virtualization on an appliance model, that is more efficient to operate and scale.

Storage Virtualization

Software Defined Storage (SDS) solutions provide a storage fabric that can leverage utility server hardware that delivers a highly resilient Storage Fabric, scaling easily both for capacity and performance. There is no central processor/controller inline of the storage IO, so there is no hardware limiting factor for performance or scale. Another advantage is this technology can typically deploy in a stretched cluster across multiple data centres providing data replication and orchestrated fail-over for Disaster Recovery on a single platform at a lower cost base. SDS solution is also available as part of Hyper Converged Infrastructure solutions.

Network Virtualization

Network Function Virtualization allows Evros to abstract complex data centre network requirements from vendor hardware, and standardised in software, scripted, and automated where appropriate. The Evros team allows your organisation to leverage standard compute, platforms, processing and throughput that can scale on demand. Our solutions can merge network elements such as, Firewalls, Routers, Load balancers, Application Firewalls, onto one software platform.


Is your company’s network infrastructure optimally configured to take advantage of today’s advanced routing and switching technology to meet your increasing demands for bandwidth? Evros is a leading integrator of data centre infrastructure solutions underpinned by robust and reliable data centre networking from, high speed LAN and SAN, to Network Function Virtualization.

We leverage our capabilities across the Infrastructure stack to ensure application performance across the network, storage, server IO, and hyper-visor layers. Our networking solution include: LAN switching, WAN routing, Wireless LAN, Security Enterprise LAN, WAN and through WIFI. At Evros, we will work with you to understand your current networking environment, our dedicated team will then design, implement and support next generation networks that will support and future-proof your company’s business environment.


Evros engineers Security into each of our Infrastructure solutions. Whether it is in a borderless network, unified communications or virtualized data centre, we cover all the bases by creating security frameworks that address the varied threats your organisation faces:

  • Unified threat management
  • Intrusion detection & prevention solutions
  • Anti-virus solutions
  • Identity authentication and management solutions
  • Anti-spyware solutions
  • Next Generation Firewalls
  • VPN solutions
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Secure Application Gateways
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)


Evros delivers robust performance storage solutions backed by a multi-vendor approach that offer a wide variety of solutions to meet your storage needs. Whether your company wants to implement a traditional Tier-3 solution, an all flash array-based infrastructure, or hyper-converged storage, Evros will find a simpler solution fit for your business which is easier to maintain with scale-out capability and matching resources.

Data Centres

Evros has a long heritage in the design, implementation, and operation of Data Centre Infrastructure solutions, which define the data centre services and connectivity required to house and connect your Infrastructure solution. Evros delivers an unrivalled inter connectivity that enables you to expand your infrastructure potential. Our partnership with Equinix’s global network of 200 data centres in 52 markets provides rapid connectivity and consistent service levels. Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric™ directly, securely and dynamically connects distributed infrastructure and digital ecosystems globally on Platform Equinix™ via software-defined interconnection.


Our range of Enterprise Data Backup solutions will meet your data protection requirements, be that an on premise solution, a cloud based solution or a hybrid approach. Our experienced consultants will engage to develop a complete, fully managed remote backup and restore service from our Tier 3+ data centre locations. Driven by multiple world-leading software vendors, we promise to match the right backup solution to fit your backup requirements.

  • Full AES 256 encryption on all data at rest
  • Multiple solutions available for physical & virtual environments, servers & endpoints and Cloud solutions such as Azure, Office 365, OneDrive & Sharepoint Online
  • Regular testing of backup solution
  • Quarterly service reports
  • Redundant dual-site storage for resilient data backup archive
  • 24-hour alert systems with managed monitoring
  • Data deduplication

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