The most effective way to manage your software licencing.

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What is is an easy-to-use portal that allows you to add, view and manage your software licences, for complete control and visibility.

About the portal

Renewal alerts

We’ll tell you exactly when your licences are up for renewal.

Complete control

Add, review and upgrade your SaaS licences on-demand.

Customise your portal

We can tailor your experience so it’s right for your business.

FREE TO USE is free to join and there are no monthly fees or commitments.

Licensing mysoftware
Easy management

Manage your software subscriptions across multiple services all in one place.

Seamless onboarding

Get set up in less than 10 minutes.

Simplified billing

We’ll wrap everything up into a single, monthly bill with a detailed overview.


The most effective way to manage your software licencing

  • Simply click to add or remove licences
  • View all of your licencing agreements in one place
  • Get clear monthly billing
  • We can also customise your portal for a more integrated experience
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We can help you ensure your licencing is built on a strategic framework so you can adopt a leaner, more cost-effective approach, without paying for unnecessary add-ons. Find out more about how we can help you optimise your licencing agreements with Evros Affinity.

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