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Your business doesn’t stop at 6pm – and neither do we.

With our technical experts based in both Ireland and New Zealand, we’re able to safeguard your data as well as support your business to the highest degree, 24/7/365.

We help businesses work in the best way possible


New Zealand

With over 30 years of experience in the IT industry, we have not just the technical skills and specialist product knowledge needed to transform your digital architecture, but we have the experience too.
As a result, we’re trusted by some of the most important businesses and services both in Ireland, New Zealand and beyond.

And by helping these vital services work in the most effective way possible, we’re able to give them more time to do what they do best.

Cyber Security Services

Our Security Operations Centre (SOC)

We have dedicated teams of cyber security experts working both in Ireland and New Zealand to safeguard your data, monitor your environment and respond to any potential threats 24/7/365.

And because there’s never any time when we’re ‘out of hours’ you can relax in the knowledge that you always have a trained eye on your alerts – around the clock.

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Managed Services

Our Network Operations Centre (NOC)

Our specialist engineers will ensure your business is fully supported both day and night while implementing updates, fixing issues, taking care of your hardware and much more.

Outsourced Service Desk

Get the support you need where you need it the most. Our team will work to triage, mitigate and resolve incidents quickly and efficiently.

Our Cloud Services

Our technical expertise and experience within cloud-based technologies mean we’re able to identify, build and manage the exact cloud solution for your business be it on-premises, in Azure, through our own enterprise cloud or any combination of these.

Data protection and backup

Ransomware is a major concern for businesses today. Our comprehensive range of data protection and backup solutions can help safeguard your data as well as ensure high availability should an incident occur.

Business continuity

We can help you with anything from Business Continuity Planning to Disaster Recovery preparation, remote working, connectivity, business continuity and more, to help ensure your business stays up and running as well as secure, whatever the crisis in hand.

Transform your business

We have the technical expertise to revolutionise the way you work.

  • From streamlining manual processes to developing bespoke solutions, we’ll help you become more agile, so that you can do more with your business.


  • We can also help you find innovative new ways to adapt as well as gain useful insights into your data so that you can get ahead.
  • And when it comes to your valuable data, our security experts will keep your business fully protected as well as backed up, giving you complete peace of mind.


  • We can get you set up with a more economical IT infrastructure, saving you time and money.