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Stop cyber threat in its tracks. Choose unified 24x7x365 protection against serious breaches in real time with the Evros Security Operations Centre.

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Have you invested in multiple security providers that deliver a fractured result? Are you struggling with resources to maintain your security efforts?

The Evros Managed Security team is dedicated to preventing, detecting, assessing and reacting to cyber security threats and incidents. Our effective ability to manage threats and incidents is driven through its 24/7 Security Operations Centre (SOC). Backed by our multi-vendor approach, our SOC is managed by security professional expertise across diverse information security backgrounds who leverage technology to monitor your entire environment to help prevent, detect and respond to attacks. Don’t become another cyber-attack statistic. Leverage the unified power of the 24/7 Evros Security Operations Centre.

Managed Security Services

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Our Follow-The-Sun Security Operations Centres are dedicated to keeping our customers fully-protected from malware and cyber attacks 24/7/365. Our teams of highly experienced, technical engineers work not just to respond to incidents but to prevent them as well.

Where traditional IT companies operate a reduced workforce during out of office hours, Evros seamlessly switches support and monitoring between our Dublin and Auckland offices. This gives our clients complete vigilance against cyber threats, no matter what time zone the business operates in.

Your Security Checklist

Assess your environment’s security standards by asking if your company:

  • Implements Endpoint Detection and Response (EPR)/ Endpoint Protection (EPP)?
  • Has installed Anti-malware/phishing/Anti-spyware/Antivirus Software/Anomaly Detection?
  • Has administered an Intrusion Detection System/Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)?
  • Enforces Data Classification and Governance?
  • Implements Data Encryption & Information Protection?
  • Secures your mailboxes against advanced threats and unsafe attachments?
  • Protects your environment when users click malicious links?
  • Gains critical trace capability and reporting on your attacks?

Did you answer ‘No’ to any of the questions on the Security Checklist? 

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The 24/7 Evros Security Operations Centre delivers a host of hardened security services for your organisation.

Managed Security Services

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