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We work to keep your business secure 24/7/365, using industry leading SIEM solutions managed by trained experts using best in class processes and technology.

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Modern Cyber Security

The Problem

The cyber security market is changing rapidly. And the ever-evolving threat landscape is creating an increasing challenge for organisations to identify and respond to incidents.

What businesses need is a new generation of cyber security services that are flexible enough to adapt as well as pre-empt emerging sophisticated attacks.

Our Solution

The Evros Managed SIEM Service mitigates the overwhelming cost and complexity of purchasing, deploying and effectively managing security monitoring technologies.

Our expert analysts rapidly identify threats and respond to incidents utilising market leading SIEM solutions.

Using modern technologies, we analyse data and correlate user behaviour patterns through log events, network flows, threat intelligence, vulnerabilities, and business context.

Why choose Evros Managed SIEM Services?

Quickly detecting and identifying security events is just one of the many features that makes our Managed SIEM Service so valuable.
Other benefits include: 

1. Reduction in investment

There is no big upfront investment in hiring and training dedicated staff or purchasing SIEM licensing (although if you have already invested in a SIEM solution we can also provide services without re-platforming).

2. Little to no configuration required

Evros SOC experts will work through the entire process with you to ensure the service onboarding experience is seamless.

3. IT compliance

Evros can provide out-of-the-box reports for most common compliance mandates such as HIPAA. Evros has also developed advanced BI driven reports to ensure you are receiving the most relevant data, in a manner that is easy to consume.

4. Global coverage

By choosing Evros, you’ll be able to leverage our highly skilled 24/7 SOC analysts globally, meaning you are getting the same expert analysis no matter when trouble strikes.

5. Data aggregation and visibility

Gaining visibility into your entire IT environment is one of the biggest benefits of our SIEM service. And this visibility goes hand in hand with the way that logs are normalised and correlated in a SIEM tool.

Evros SIEM Technologies

The Evros SOC Team leverages IBM QRadar as our primary SIEM platform.

This market leading SIEM solution accurately identifies and prioritises security risks and threats that affect the entire enterprise, delivering intelligent insights that enable us to take quicker action and reduce the impact of security incidents.

Evros also supports other SIEM platforms including Azure Sentinel, which is rapidly developing to become a strong contender in the next-generation SIEM & security orchestration market. As a Microsoft Security Gold Partner, we have extensive expertise across the entire Microsoft security suite and can design the right SIEM solution to meet your organisations requirements.

Break down of Evros Managed SIEM services

Whatever the platform, we will help you ensure your SIEM implementation is properly configured and tuned. By interpreting feeds from relevant systems, we will also ensure that incidents are monitored 24/7, critical events are immediately escalated to key personnel and that overall SIEM health is continuously monitored and expertly maintained.

Microsoft Sharepoint solutionsUser Behavioural Analytics

This is the process of identifying patterns of usage that indicate malicious or anomalous behaviour.
We monitor everything from launched apps, file access, to network activity. We also look at what changes are made, when a particular element was last accessed, or when an attempted access was made, how it was made and how often.

Network Flow Analytics (optional)

This allows us to view and gain a comprehensive view of your entire network infrastructure, by examining sources, target ports, IP addresses and more, based on live traffic sampling and analysis.

O365 appsAdvanced Reporting

Evros has invested significantly in developing custom dashboards and reports that are build from data queried from the QRadar APIs. We believe that it is critical that our clients receive clear and concise reports on every element of their service, including:

  • Real-Time Dashboards
  • Weekly SLA reports
  • Monthly detailed incident reporting
  • Granular statistical graphing
  • Individual Serious Incident reporting


  • Ticketing and Customer ITSM Integration
  • Dynamic Firewall Integrations
  • Cloud API connectivity

Secure your business with Evros 

With offices in both Ireland and New Zealand, Evros Security Experts are able to watch over data 24/7/365.
We’re also one of the only technology providers in Ireland to be fully accredited ISO27001 for Information Security Management and ISO20000-1 for IT Service Delivery.

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