Customer Story

Timely, Efficient and Secure

Here, we demonstrate our ability to enable a fast, secure and compliant migration to Microsoft Azure, so our clients can experience the freedom and agility of Azure.

Company Stats

Industry: Medical
Founded: 1654
Country: Ireland
No. of employees: 100-200

The technologies we used:
  • Azure Spark by Evros
  • Azure Migrate
  • Azure Site Recovery
  • Data Migration Assistant
  • Azure Database Migration Service

The challenge

Our client was hosting their infrastructure in a shared, managed datacentre. This presented difficulties due to capacity planning, reactiveness and cost. While trying to roll out new services/applications, the organisation was repeatedly left feeling the process would be more efficient, and therefore simpler on another platform.

As they were currently in a shared datacentre, our client required not only the migration of their services, but the design and build of their own virtual datacentre. This migration needed to be carried out as efficiently as possible, with downtime during key months for the business, avoided. Due to contract restrictions, the migration schedule had to be adhered to without error.

Our solution

Following our consultation, the client chose Azure as the right solution for their business to achieve a hosting platform that gave them the digital foundation they needed to progress. Evros had the experience and expertise needed to ensure they could fulfil all their criteria, which is also why the group chose us to support them in their planning, design and migration – including a transition to Evros Managed Services once complete.

Following multiple initial workshops via our Spark engagement solution, we successfully designed a ‘landing zone’ for our client in Azure and completed the build of all required infrastructure components such as Networking, Security and Governance. Assessing and executing the migration of our client’s services came next. Using Evros’ proven playbook method ensured minimal downtime, with low risk execution for each service move. This allowed for increased efficiency of migration.

As part of this solution, Evros rehosted SQL server 2014 on Azure, as well as refactored SQL Server 2008 to Azure SQL. This allowed for increased performance due to rehosting and a reduction of administration, cost and ongoing management due to refactoring. While both options presented pros and cons, Evros was able to successfully identify and execute the method best suited for each application stack.

The impact of our solution

Because of our depth of experience in Azure migration, our client was able to complete their move to Azure while avoiding their key months and adhering to their contract restrictions. This also allowed them to avoid a significant cost impact from the previous environment while avoiding commercial and academic impact for their users. As a result, the organisation is now able to run all their required infrastructure within Azure. This allows for a full understanding, optimisation, and future-planning of services adhering to timeframes that were set by the client.

By leveraging Azure Spark to maximise the benefits of Azure, we enabled our client to be confident in Azure meeting their needs both pre, and post migration.

About Evros and our work with Microsoft technologies

Over the years, we’ve invested heavily in developing our own, first of its kind, dedicated Microsoft practice which has since grown to over 40 consultants and engineers, all focused on delivering Microsoft solutions, backed by more than 150 level 1, 2, 3 and 4 engineers offering full technical support services.

Implementing this investment has enabled us to cultivate a centre of excellence, which embraces the CSP model and has seen us make substantial investment into dedicated portals, automation and marketing to significantly grow our CSP sales via our Digital Hub.

Of course, Azure is fundamental in allowing businesses to move more freely in the way that they deliver services and also how they compete within a continually changing digital landscape.

Because of this, we have invested heavily in our Azure capabilities, led by our Principal Azure Solution Architect and MVP, Joe Carlyle. And we have also placed our migration portal capability tools at the centre of our focus.

As well as being indispensable in the deployment of Office 365 and Azure migrations, our dedicated team also supports and delivers Exchange and Active Directory upgrades to some of the largest users in the industry.

As we work to expand our Azure capability even further, we have successfully developed a mature Azure Managed Service offering which is based on the ITIL framework and backed by the ISO 20000 and 27001 certifications.

Our Security Operations Centre assists customers in securing their IT infrastructure and a subdivision of this centre is dedicated to delivering Microsoft Security Services to Office 365 and Azure customers. This is also closely aligned with the EMS suite to enable delivery.

Finally, Evros is equipped with offices on both sides of the world so that we are able to support our managed services on a 24/7/365 basis.

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