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The Power of Low Code

What is Power Apps?

Microsoft Power Apps is a powerful tool that allows for rapid application development. And it’s what we use to build custom apps for your business needs.

How leveraging low code can impact your business ​

Professional Development for your business
By using Microsoft Power Apps, we’re able to give you solutions that are:

Integrated with Office 365 & Teams

By using Power Apps, we’re able to provide a solution that is not only compatible with Office 365 but one that can also be integrated with Microsoft Teams, giving you true integration, easy access, simplicity, security and more.

Effortless deployment and onboarding

Through the power of Microsoft Teams, we’re able to roll out our apps to thousands of users overnight – saving you time and ensuring your users get what they need quickly and easily.

Faster development versus traditional code

Because of the growing demand for apps, many organisations struggle to get the technical resources they need to develop them. By using Power Apps, the baseline work is already done, leaving us to develop a custom app for your business within a short timeframe.

Intuitive User Experiences

Microsoft Technologies are extremely intuitive by nature and we create apps that are right for you and your users. Before creating your app, we’ll work closely with you to understand your exact needs and how we can solve your business challenges best.

Foster internal innovation

Power Apps for Citizen Developers
App in a Day is your chance to learn how to build valuable solutions that transform your business quickly and easily, without the need for code.

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Why Choose Evros?

  • We’re Microsoft Business Application Partner of the Year (2 years running)
  • As one of the largest indigenous IT professional services companies with a dedicated Microsoft practice, we’re highly experienced in delivering Microsoft Solutions and Services.
  • Due to our leadership and expertise in this area, Microsoft requested the team at Evros to build two individual Apps for Microsoft Western Europe.
  • We have currently rolled out our solutions to over 15,000 users in 20 different countries.
  • As a Microsoft Catalyst Partner, we’re able to build, plan and execute business transformation strategies with a proven, innovative approach.

Types of Power Apps applications

Canvas apps

Canvas apps start with user experience, with pixel-perfect control to build highly customised task- and role-based apps that mash up data from 230+ sources

Model-driven apps

Model-driven apps leverage your data model, relationships, and business processes to automatically generate immersive, responsive applications

230+ Built-in Connectors + Custom Connectors

  • Built-in connectivity to 230+ cloud services, content services, databases, APIs, etc.
  • Seamless hybrid connectivity to on-premises systems via the On-Premises Data Gateway
  • Custom Connector support allows the registration of developer / IT systems as a building block for citizen developers
  • Use multiple data sources in a single application for processes that span systems

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