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Is your business overspending?

Licencing agreements are extremely complex, and we see hundreds of businesses each year, wasting money on large upfront payments and over-licencing, as well as falling short on compliance.

What is Microsoft CSP?

Microsoft’s flagship platform for licencing is the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) platform. It is an especially flexible programme that offers monthly, annual and three-year payment options.

It is only available through trusted partners such as Evros.

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We also offer a wide range of incentives such as discounts, educational events and fixed pricing to help you get more for your money.

For cost management and control
With Evros, get all of your licences from one place and get the most cost-effective approach for your business.

Enterprise cloud services

For true flexibility
We can help you ensure you get what you need when you need it. We’ll also help you find the most agile approach.

For seamless 24x7x365 support
We’ll help you move to the right framework for your business. And with offices in both Ireland and New Zealand, we offer true 24x7x365 IT support.

Enterprise cloud solutions

For supreme service and delivery
As a Gold Cloud Service Provider, a direct partner and one of the few global Azure Expert MSPs, we can ensure your agreements are correctly aligned with your goals.

Evros CSP Licencing Services

As software and licencing experts, we provide a full range of services to not only streamline your business but also give you the agility you need to get ahead.

01. Migration Services

Whether you are planning an upgrade or are thinking of moving to the cloud, we can ensure a seamless migration for your business.

02. Evros Software Solutions

We have created a range of tools and services to help our customers get what they need quickly and easily.

03. Licencing Optimisation

Evros Affinity comprises a full range of advanced Licencing Services. As Microsoft Licencing experts, we can align your subscriptions to your needs, to ensure the simplest and most cost-effective approach for your business.

04. Software Licence Purchasing

We can help you get exactly what you need – when you need it. We’ve also made managing your licences incredibly simple via our easy-to-use portal.

Our Migration Services

Email migration: Our expertise includes on-premises Exchange to Office 365, Notes to Office 365, Gmail to Office 365 and between Office 365 tenants. We utilise the best tools on the market to ensure a seamless, interruption-free migration for your users.

Microsoft Teams: With the move to remote working, many companies are adopting Teams as either a primary or backup phone system. We can help with integrating Teams into your existing phone system or migrate to Teams as your primary platform.

Microsoft Azure: As one of Microsoft’s exclusive Azure Expert MSPs, you can have confidence that we can migrate your workloads to Azure safely, efficiently and securely.

Microsoft SharePoint: Evros can design a SharePoint online configuration to enhance your business and build out workflows and apps to enhance your business processes.

Our Software Solutions

Teams Express – for trialling Teams Voice on your network.

Azure Spark – for designing and planning your move to Azure.

Azure Serve – for secure and compliant access to your Azure data via WVD.

Our Tools and Apps

Tools for empowering a safer workplace – business applications for enabling flexible working in a post-pandemic world.

User Adoption Portal – our Office 365 online training portal.

CloudStore – our cloud management portal for clear visibility and control of your environment.

Why choose Evros?

  • We’re one of a select few global partners certified as an Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP) as well as a Microsoft Gold certified Cloud Solution Provider (CSP).
  • We have a proven track record in delivering Microsoft technologies for 20+ years and our close relationship with Microsoft means we can offer a full range of incentives as well as rapid TATs.
  • Evros is home to a wide pool of Microsoft consultants, SMEs, engineers and dedicated support.
  • We have a large, dedicated in-house Microsoft Division for the provision of seamless support.
  • Evros is the only Irish partner with extensive capabilities to deliver on hybrid cloud, public cloud and our own private cloud.
  • With Evros, you can get all your Microsoft licences from one place giving you a single, holistic view for full control and visibility.

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What is a software licence?

When computers first started to be sold in the 60s, software came free with the hardware. As the market became more open, particularly with the launch of the IBM PC and its wide variety of compatibles, a new model was required. Rather than buy a product, a software licence grants you the right to use the software with certain restrictions.

What are the different types of software licence programmes?

Microsoft has a range of options to buy licences for its software and services. They are designed to suit everyone from the smallest business with a single user, to large global enterprises with thousands of users. Which particular programme is best for you will depend on a number of factors. And for the purposes of these examples, we will assume that you are a business with more than five users:

  • Microsoft’s latest flagship platform for licencing is the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) platform. This offers customers varying in size from one user to thousands, to buy software services and even some hardware, all on one agreement and with a wide variety of choices of partner. It is an especially flexible programme offering monthly, annual and three-year payment options. Customers who choose monthly payments, have the option to increase or decrease subscriptions on a month-to-month basis.
  • If you are looking for traditional on-premises licences, then one of the open value programmes may suit. The minimum quantity is five and that is all that is needed to get started.
  • If you are a large enterprise, an MPSA or Enterprise Agreement may be more appropriate.

Regardless of which programme you choose (and you can have a mix of all of the programmes if that suits best), you still get best-in-breed enterprise software and solutions to drive and transform your business.

What is the difference between an EA and CSP?

An Enterprise Agreement (EA) is a three-year commitment for products and services. EA brings advantages for large enterprises looking for multi-year price certainty, global coverage and a direct relationship with Microsoft.

CSP, on the other hand, allows you much more flexibility to change the products and services you are using. It also includes support from your chosen partner and a deeper relationship which helps ensure that you maximise your investment in software and services.

What are the different types of Microsoft licences?

The following is not a definitive list, but covers some of the main categories of software:

  • Perpetual licences – These are licences where the right to use the software is perpetual. You can continue to use the version purchased for as long as you need.
  • CAL – Certain software licences, mostly server software grants the right to install and run the server software. However, for users to connect to the server, an additional client access licence is required. Some examples are Windows Server or SharePoint server software.
  • SaaS subscriptions – Software as a service licences allow users to use and interact with Microsoft’s growing range of cloud services such as Office 365, Teams and Dynamics 365.
  • IaaS subscriptions – Infrastructure-as-a-Service licences (or subscriptions) allow access to Microsoft’s Azure platform to run servers, storage and other services.
  • Core licences – Some products are sold on the basis of the number of underlying cores on the server or virtual machine. These are typically server products such as Windows server or SQL Server.

How do I reduce software licence fees?

At Evros, we look at the overall value proposition. We invest a lot of effort in working with customers to ensure that the correct licences are applied and that together, we identify all of the services that are suitable for use in the business. We work to identify duplicated licencing or services, inappropriate levels of licences and inefficient subscriptions to make your cloud journey more cost effective.

What are the benefits of CSP?

  • Flexibility – Flex up and down and only pay for what you need.
  • In-built support – The CSP model includes support from your partner.
  • No upfront billing – Simply pay as you consume.
  • No multi-annual commitments – no minimum orders or contracted commitments to multiple years.
  • Expert licencing advice and assistance.

What is the best way to manage my software licences?

A good starting point is to make use of a portal that puts you in control. Our mySoftware.ie portal puts the control in your hands – add and remove licences easily, get clear monthly bills and reports – all via our one, easy-to-use platform. For more complex needs, view our Evros Affinity licencing management services.

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