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Enterprise Mobility Suite

Enterprise mobility suite (EMS)from Microsoft. It’s a new services offering that combines some existing technologies into a suite that  fits existing offerings. The product sets are

  • InTune mobile device management. This product extends SCCM to enable device and application management on a wide range of non-domain joined devices. It brings services such as password reset, remote wipe and asset management to all the mix of non domain joined devices and mobile devices that exist in todays enterprises.
  • AzureADFS premium – This  azure based service extends single sign on services to include a wealth of SAML 2.0 compatible services including dropbox,  docusign, salesforce, google apps to name a few. Like InTune, ADFSPremium extends an on-premise solution into the cloud – in this case AD services. A key advantage is that it allows centralised control on access to these services and can enforce 2 factor authentication on selected services.
  • Rights Management - Azure Rights Management to help you protect your organization’s sensitive information from unauthorized access, and control how this information is used. Rights Management uses encryption, identity, and authorization policies to help secure your files and email. In comparison to standard access controls, such as NTFS permissions, protection that is applied by using Rights Management stays with the files and emails, independently of the location – inside or outside your organization, networks, file servers, and applications. You remain in control of your data even when it is shared with other people. For example, you can configure a file so that it can be accessed only by people in your organization, or control whether the file can be edited, or restricted to read-only, or prevent it from being printed. You can configure emails similarly, and in addition, prevent them from being forwarded or prevent the use of the Reply All option. These protection tasks can be simplified and streamlined for your end users by using standardized policy templates

While all three products have been around for some time and are mature, the bundle is new and Microsoft are putting significant resources in place to encourage its use.

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