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Your Service Desk Supported By The Entire Evros Group

Evros specialises in dedicated and shared Outsourced Service Desk solutions tailored to your specific SLA and reporting requirements.

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Your Complete 24/7 Outsourced Service Desk

Is your company pivoting towards a leaner, more cost-effective operations but concerned about the impact on your service desk?

What distinguishes Evros above all other Managed Service providers is our dedication to technical excellence delivering services through two 24/7/365 fully-staffed Network Operations Centre locations with ISO 27001 and ISO 20000-1 certification, processes and procedures run according to fully audited ITIL principles. Evros drives next-generation technology management solutions developed across almost 30 years to your organisation.

What Is Follow The Sun Support?

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Follow the sun support is available to all Evros clients. Where traditional IT companies operate a reduced workforce during out of office hours, Evros seamlessly switches support and monitoring between our Dublin and Auckland offices. This gives our clients 24x7x365  access to tier 3 level support when they need it, no matter what time zone the business operates in.

Powered By Evros Expertise

With over 150 dedicated engineers for your organisation’s network centre activities, the Evros Outsourced Service Desk is designed to take away the inefficiencies caused by technical issues to user systems. There will be no need to pay for manage service desk software or licensing. And avoid administration costs with timesheets, OT approvals, and management or HR issues.

Our Service Desk is the first point of contact for immediate response, continuously focusing on the needs and priorities of our user. The team will triage, mitigate and resolve and in the event of a require escalation, we will gather information to allow for rapid solution response.

Outsourced Service Desk solutions
Outsourced Service Desk solutions

Why Choose Evros
Outsourced Service Desk?

  • Our standard SLA is 80% FTF (First Time Fix), serviced by a large team of highly trained engineers operating out of our HQ in Cherrywood.
  • Your ticket is logged and resolved immediately in over 80% of the cases. The other 20% are resolved within 60 minutes.
  • Remote systems capabilities to take control of the user PC and resolve the problem while the client is still talking with us over the phone.
  • Monthly reports detailing tickets, details and resolution.
  • SLA responsibility becomes outsourced, and this includes penalties imposed for any breaches.
  • Absenteeism or back-fill is covered via extended support desk.
  • Our capacity to expand the team in busy periods e.g. during the release of new software or products.
  • With Evros, escalation paths are available for P1 issues through the expanded team up to Level 3 and Professional Services resources.
  • Dedicated business account and technical account management.

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