Evros and Palo Alto NETWORKS

Global leaders in Cyber Security, Palo Alto Networks is continually evolving to deliver secure digital transformation to protect against the cyber threats of today – and tomorrow.

Our Partnership with Palo Alto Networks

As a longstanding Platinum Innovator Partner and one of the only MSSP Innovator partners in Ireland, we’re dedicated to delivering best in breed solutions with Palo Alto Networks at the core of our security ecosystem.

Palo Alto Networks Technologies

Best known for their market leading Next Generation Firewall (nine times Gartner Magic Quarter leader), Palo Alto has developed significantly over the past five years to now offer a full ecosystem of security products focused on the new world of technology, encompassing cloud, containers, serverless and edge computing.

These are aligned across three solution sets:

1. Next Generation Firewalls

Palo Alto Network’s Next Generation Firewall solutions deliver unrivalled security and visibility across your networks – whether on-premises or across private or public cloud, for complete zero trust network security.

2. Prisma

Prisma solutions provide full lifecycle, full stack security across the cloud native ecosystem.

Solutions include:

  • Security management for Azure, AWS and Google Cloud tenants
  • Security Governance for Office 365 and other common SaaS platforms
  • Container-based security solutions
  • Secure Remote Access

3. Cortex

Cortex delivers operational security support with a next-generation Endpoint Detection and Response solution along with Security Orchestration to automate and optimise response to detected security events.

Key products and services delivered by Evros:

  • Security Orchestration and Automated Response – XSOAR
  • Extended Detection and Response – XDR
  • Managed Next Generation Firewall
  • Managed Detection and Response – Cortex XDR
  • Cloud Governance and Compliance – Prisma
  • SD-WAN solutions

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Why Choose Evros
& Palo Alto?

  • Palo Alto is the global market leader in security – delivering a full ecosystem of unparalleled solutions to support organisations in securing their systems.
  • Evros has significantly invested in building the strongest team of Palo Alto expertise in the country.
  • We offer a range of consultative and Managed Services across the full range of Palo Alto solutions and can help you ensure that your data, systems and infrastructure are secure, wherever or in whatever form they exist

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