Rubrik: Made For Azure

Optimise your Microsoft Azure Environment with Rubrik

By stepping away from traditional IT architecture, Rubrik has transformed cloud and Azure data management and migration. If you’re looking to take your business to the forefront of digital transformation while maximising ease of management and maintenance, go no further.

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Rubrik is designed for Cloud. Its modern, single-layer, web scale architecture allows you to eliminate excessive stacks as well as redeploy your resources to give greater business value.
Migrate data with ease, spin up VMs in Azure quickly for testing and development as well as business continuity – with automated set up which is enabled through auto-discovery.
Cloud first with an open API, Rubrik is optimised for Azure, hybrid and on-premises to automate and simplify environments.

Optimise your Azure environment

Rubrik’s RAMA appliance (Rubrik Accelerator for Microsoft Azure) is one of the best ways to manage your Azure environment:

  • Get greater application mobility for DR or test/dev
  • Allow for cost-savings by taking the RAMA route
  • Recover data in minutes with instant access, from on-prem to Azure
  • Simplify Azure data management via policy-driven automation


Rubrik Cloud Data Management delivers backup, replication and DR, search, archival, analytics, and copy data management for your cloud-native and hybrid cloud applications in one software fabric.

Whether you are running on-prem or in Azure, Rubrik delivers all aspects with consumer-grade simplicity and policy-driven intelligence across all your Microsoft apps – physical or virtualised Windows, SQL, Hyper-V, Azure Stack, and Azure.

In addition, Rubrik can recover SQL and Oracle instances within minutes by ‘live mounting’ any instance onto the Rubrik platform to give you instant recoverability of SQL and Oracle workloads. SQL 2008 users can also benefit from extended support within Azure while you implement your upgrade by migrating the instances to SQL VMs in Azure.

Rubrik also handles complexity with ease while giving you complete access through a single, UI which is extremely intuitive and simple to use.


Rubrik’s file structure is unique to Rubrik and as a result, all applications and data ingested by Rubrik are stored in an immutable manner. Once ingested, no external or internal operation can modify the data. Data managed by Rubrik is never available in a Read/Write state to the client. This is true even during a restore or live mount operation. Since data cannot be overwritten, even infected data later ingested by Rubrik cannot infect other existing files or folders.

In addition, Rubrik offers further protection via their Polaris Radar software module which provides altering to unusual behaviour leveraging machine learning, granular visibility into the scope of any attacks and most importantly, fast recovery to the most recent clean version of the data.

Why Choose Evros
& Rubrik?

  • Evros is a trusted partner of Rubrik
  • Rubrik allows businesses to protect, automate and govern their Microsoft applications from their data centre to Azure. As Microsoft Gold Partners, we can ensure your Azure set up is secure and optimal for your business
  • We can advise you on the design and set up of your architecture to ensure its maximised for your business needs
  • Our cloud, security and managed services means your data will stay protected 24/7/365

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