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The digital world continues to be confronted by a more sophisticated line of threat that disrupts traditional security measures, jeopardising sensitive business data. Prevent tomorrow’s data breaches today with Evros.

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We find ourselves in an increasingly complex cyber threat environment with multi-faceted cyber risks, both internal and external.

However, many companies remain unaware, seem to underestimate, or even neglect the potential impact of cyber crime. It’s critical to maintain your organisation’s security posture amidst this new technical paradigm where traditional security architectures and skill sets may not always apply. Security comes into every element of what Evros does. We can deliver sophisticated information security and risk management solutions that augments your security stance.  In addition to building our infrastructure to the highest standards of security, we help ensure our customers’ environments are deployed with the most appropriate security practices to meet your enterprise needs. Leverage our expertise and insight developed across almost 30 years to confidently secure your enterprise data and gain complete control over your access points.

Our Expertise In Cyber Security Advisory

Evros places a heavy emphasis on consultative specialisation with focused and dedicated engagement, backed by a highly experienced team of consultants, engineers, account managers, project managers and technical support.

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Security Consultancy


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Next-Step Recommendations

Azure Security Consultancy: Our in-house Microsoft experts focus on the Azure platform, providing a strong foundation critical to the secure operation of Azure-based solutions and enabling further expansion in a consistently secure manner. Our Cloud security experts will review and make recommendations around the configuration of your organisation’s cloud tenancy in relation to Azure Security best practices surrounding access control, resource protection, backup/DR, network architecture, and audit and reporting.

GRC Consultancy: Establish your internal governance frameworks to control and monitor your business processes and to prevent instances of fraud and negligence occurring. Establish a sustainable and repeatable risk management program through our expertise in manual and automated GRC services backed by the added experience of multiple customer consultations and workshops.

ISMS Development/ ISO Consultancy: ISO/IEC 27001 adopts a process-based approach for establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, maintaining, and improving an Information Security Management System (ISMS). Our ISO expertise will provide a framework built upon best common practices such as information risk assessment, security policy review and development, on-going monitoring of security posture, to the provision and management of security software for network and computer intrusions.

GDPR Consultancy: The arrival of GDPR has created an opportunity to take stock of data stores and protect assets. Build your very own data strategy upon best-of-breed data security and governance technologies, tailored to your specific information security requirements. We partner with core data compliance vendors to deliver the forefront of Information Security technologies in line with the GDPR legal framework, ensuring best practices and complete compliance.

ISO Accreditations & PCI DSS

Evros is one of the only technology providers in Ireland to be awarded ISO27001 for Information Security and its Managed Services Division, and ISO20000-1 fully-accredited in IT Service Delivery. These certifications elevate our company’s hardened stance against cyber attack, and positions us as the premier Enterprise Cloud Solutions provider on the Irish market. To further harden our stringent security standards, we have also gained PCI DSS service provider Level 1 status; an accreditation which secures our reputation as market-leader in Cloud security.

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The Evros Security Division is built upon dedicated security and penetration experts who provide expertise across a wide range of cloud technologies, to confidently secure your enterprise data and gain complete control over your access points.

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