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Establish a secure and resilient Security Strategy that mitigates risk and protects your organisation and end-users against cyber-attack. Evros delivers industry-leading security Best Practices & Risk Management for your enterprise.

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Rethink Your Cyber Security Strategy

In this age of Digital Transformation, organisations must continually innovate to remain competitive. Yet, experts argue that the current innovation and disruption from Digital Transformation is outpacing security strategy. Progressive organisations are transforming the role of Cyber Security within the enterprise risk management function, developing a risk posture based on intelligence, as well as improved board-level monitoring and response mechanisms reaching beyond technology. Your company needs a new, business-aligned security capability for managing information risks that is aligned to enabling these demands.

The solution? Implementing a company-wide Cyber Security Strategy is an effective way to manage complexity, provide direction, and gain organisation-wide support.

Factors Affecting Your
Cyber Security Strategy & Visibility

  • External Evolving Threat Landscape
  • Drastic Changes in Technology Practices
  • Growing Need for Business Agility
  • Stricter Regulatory Scrutiny
  • Increased Levels of Partner & Customer Collaboration

How Does Your Security Strategy Remain Ahead of Threat?

With a defined Cyber Security Strategy, organisations can more effectively plan how to address both current, and future threats to their organisation, taking into account complex legislation, regulation and the cyber risks specific to your business. An effective Cyber Security Strategy ensures that risks are addressed in an efficient and compliant manner, providing demonstrable benefits to the business, meeting increasing regulations, and securing the business.

Your Trusted Security Provider

A robust security strategy should articulate a clear vision of how your security program maps to the realities of your business, aligning operational excellence and security priorities with your core business objectives.

Evros provides collaborative and strategic services designed to better equip you to plan, build and run a threat-aware security program that aligns with business goals:

Plan For Data Breach

It is now not a case of ‘if’, but ‘when’ your organisation will be compromised. Organisations need to be prepared that attacks will bypass their defences. Ensure your team has the skills and tools required to detect the issue, isolate the problem and minimise the potential impact. Gaining visibility into security events has become far more important to ensure you are equipped to deal with a breach.

Tactical & Strategic Deployments

We understand that organisations are at different levels of Cyber Security maturity. Our consultants can provide their expertise and services aligned to your current level, meeting required deliverables with maturity road maps to evolve and realise tactical solutions in your strategic.

Effective Spend

The cyber security landscape is complex and confusing. We steer your organisation to invest in the right areas of cyber security that provide the most effective value to your business, driving demonstrable improvements for your security posture.

Address Cyber Risk

Your cyber risk must be addressed in terms of impact disruption to critical business processes. This enables vulnerabilities in your technology to be addressed. An effective Cyber Security strategy goes further than simple technical controls. This must include risk management across physical security, technical security, information assurance and business users in a holistic manner to protect your organisation more effectively.

Regulatory Compliance

Legal and Industry regulation is increasing its focus on Cyber Security. Draw on our in-depth experience of working in highly-regulated environments to build out a Cyber Security Strategy that meets multiple regulations, whilst reducing your organisational cyber risk.

Cyber Agility & Response

Improve response times to emerging threats and incidents with the correct integration of threat intelligence into your technology and business processes.

The Human Firewall

Your employees are your first line of defence. Evros can help your organisation to build on policy and awareness, hardening your employee defences.

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