Visitor 365 app

Empower Your Staff and Visitors
To Keep Your Workplace Safe

Protecting your staff has never been so paramount.

Our Visitor 365 App allows you to keep your workplace safe, by securely managing who’s coming in and out of the door.

For complete control

We have added a number of new features to our Visitor 365 App to help you maintain complete control over your workplace for 2020 and beyond.

COVID Clearance Form

Our specially designed Clearance Form allows you to screen all visitors to make sure they are ok to enter your workplace.

Provide them with a questionnaire as well as whatever they need to help keep your staff safe.

Get updates and alerts and ensure all sensitive and health-related data is automatically deleted when it’s no longer needed.

Visitor Dashboard

Social distancing is a real priority right now. Ensure it’s maintained and prevent overcrowding using our Visitor Dashboard feature.

This tells you how many people are in the building at any given time as well as when you have reached full capacity.

When guests sign in, your digital visitor log updates in real time. In case of a Covid positive result, quickly access past visitor details to get in touch and notify them of the protocol.

Sort, filter and export visitor details for daily reporting needs.

Emergency Visitor Contact App

By using our *Visitor Contact App, you can reach guests within the building immediately.
In the case of an emergency, a dedicated staff member can use the App to view all the visitors currently in the building.

Users can then conduct a digital head count using a simple safety ‘check-in’ button. If any visitors are missing, they can make an emergency call to the contact directly from the App.

*Currently only available for Android devices as part of our Premium Package.

Visitor Pre-Registration
(in beta)

Help reduce the number of physical touch points in your workplace using our Visitor Pre-Registration feature.

By integrating this feature with your access control system, you’ll be able to allow screened visitors to enter your premises using a simple QR code.

Ideal for keeping your workplace safe as well strengthening your health and safety protocols.

Secure your business

Our Visitor App also allows you to:


Make A Great Impression

Set the tone with a visitors signing in on a bespoke company branded visitor iPad app.

Leverage The Power Of Office 365

Your Visitor App is built using the Microsoft Power Platform. So if your business uses Office 365 all your data could be integrated.

Keep Your Workplace Secure

Strengthen the security of your business, and protect intellectual property by preventing unauthorised activity using the visitor tracking app.

Comply with GDPR

No more managing and storing paper records or visitor logs. Guest sign in digitally, fill out forms and have their photo taken.

Why Choose Evros as Your Power Platform Partner?

Evros is officially Ireland’s No.1 Microsoft Power Platform Partner


Mergon International IT Systems and Network Manager, Richard Crowley:

“Working with Paul and the Evros Labs team has been a truly collaborative process with the successful outcome of a fully customised App, tailored to Mergon’s requirements.”

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