What we do

Evros Technology Group delivers the most powerful and expansive solution suites around Private Cloud, Service Provider Cloud (Digital Planet), and Public Cloud (Azure) offerings in the Irish Marketplace.

We were early adopters of the Cloud model to deliver Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions into the Irish Market place from our Digital Planet entity which is in existence since 2010. 

In developing the Digital Planet platform and business we have developed proven and mature approaches to technical delivery, operations, commercial models, and contracted SLA’s of IaaS. 

Our broad capability means that we are ideally placed to advise customers on where to place their workloads. We are not hamstrung by a gap in our portfolio of options like other system integrators, and we have a true heritage with Hybrid and Managed Cloud solutions.

The ultimate solution for many customers will be a blend to all 3 options and will in some cases require workload mobility between the various platforms

evros services

evros services


Five critical criteria for deciding on the best place to deliver a workload are:

1 - TCO Analysis

The industry analysts say that you can save on average 30% on investing in Cloud Computing. At Digital Planet, we refute this statement. The mean saving may be 30%, but there is no average. Some companies can save 50% or more on their current spending on IT. Other companies may find the Cloud as much as 20% more expensive than their current IT spend. In these cases it is usually that they are upgrading to a far superior solution to the one they currently have invested in. The key when looking at the Cloud is in completely understanding the total costs of your current IT spend. In many cases the total costs are not allocated to the IT budget. Items such as power, space and administration can often be allocated to a central budget.

2 - Uptime Requirements

Uptime may well be the most critical requirement in defining where a Cloud workload should sit. We are unique in the market in that we will design a specific environment that will deliver the level of uptime your organization requires. We look at every element of resilience in your environment and deliver a design to ensure that resilience is built into every element of the technical delivery.

3 - Compliance/Data Security

Companies may have compliance or cultural limits on where their data can be stored. Data may be classified in several categories with certain categories suitable for off-premise, or Public Cloud storage.

4 - Lifespan and Utilisation

For many enterprise workloads that will run 24x7 with consistent loads for a number of years Digital Planet solutions will offer the best TCO.

For short term high capacity or variable capacity solutions, public cloud may offer a benefit. Workloads such as test and development stacks and Analytics platforms fit this use case.

5 - Agility and Scale

Agility is the ability to quickly create, modify, replicate, and remove solutions, typically based on programmatic, or orchestrated provisioning of pre-existing hardware. 

Scale refers to the level of infrastructure capacity available on demand. DR and High Performance compute use cases require significant scale to be available.  Azure as a Global platform has effectively infinite scale for the addressable enterprise market.

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