What we do

Consultants who combine deep technical knowledge and experience with a structured approach to client engagement that discovers and delivers key business outcomes to our clients.

We concentrate on the delivery of ICT Infrastructure solutions based on best of breed products and platforms.

We develop long term strategic relationships with our clients and help develop technology roadmaps to ensure that point projects and requirements are delivered in a coherent and consistent way that fi ts in with the overarching IT plan.

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Our Projects

Server Consolidation and Virtualisation

We work with all of the major server and virtualisation vendors in the industry. We are Microsoft Gold and a VMWare Enterprise Solutions Partner. We have been deploying virtualisation projects since 2007 and are the leading experts in the country on server consolidation and virtualisation. With over 150 major deployments over the past 5 years, we have an extensive reference pool of large organisations who are now operating in a fully virtualised environment as a result of our designs and implementation. We also deploy over 2000 VM’s from our own Cloud environment, Digital Planet.

Systems Upgrade

Systems Upgrade projects take many forms and basically entail moving the client from a current environment that has become end of life to the latest technologies required to operate their business. We have extensive experience and expertise in the area of Microsoft upgrades, networks, server and storage and back-ups. Systems upgrade projects invariably include extensive consulting with our client to understand what the desired outcomes are. Upgrades usually start with a RAG (Red,Amber,Green) review of the environment to ascertain where the weaknesses in the current environment. The RAG review is delivered with detailed supporting documentation as to why the systems needs upgrading and is also provided with associated budgeted costs.

Citrix Design and Deploy

As a Citrix Gold partner, we are one of the leading suppliers of Citrix solutions in the country. Evros is a leader in the deployment of application and desktop virtualization, providing a complete, flexible solution that delivers applications and desktops to users while protecting data in our secure datacenter. We deliver these solutions As A Service from our Digital Planet platform.

Our Citrix Enterprise Mobility solutions empower employees to work from anywhere while providing full security, granular control and an uncompromised user experience. 


Evros has a dedicated Networking division and Tier 1 partners with Cisco and HP. We also work and are accredited with a number of specialised providers such as F5 and Palo Alto. We have extensive experience cross a range of networking projects, from full blown network implementations, Lan/Wan, Wireless, Switching and Routing.

With over 20 engineers with various levels of networking accreditation, we also boast five qualified CCIE’s on our books.

DR design

Evros provide a number of solution for disaster recovery. We deploy DR solutions from our own Cloud or if required, via office to office with business continuity available if required. We offer solutions with recovery times from 10 minutes to 8 hours, depending on the RPO and RTO requirements of our client. The solutions range from SRM with array or host based replication to Veeam replication to datacenter hosts.

Data Backup

Evros provides extensive on line back-up solutions from our Cloud. We use a number of software solutions to deliver your back-up but primarily Veeam and Ahsay. The solution come with a full recovery service on demand and 2 test recoveries each year. \the back-up can be provided to host or file level as required. All back-ups are managed and monitored each day to ensure a successful back-up of our client’s environment.

Mobile Solutions

Using a combination of Apple, Citrix and Microsoft technologies, Evros are one of the leading providers of mobility solutions in the market. Deploying technologies that allow our clients to access their account anywhere from any device while protecting the client’s data in a centralised datacenter gives our clients the freedom to work from anywhere.

Evros Dublin

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Planning is the key component of project deployment. We deploy all our project under Prince 2 Project management principals. Most companies don’t spend enough resources on the planning stage. It has been our experience that a project well planned is far more likely to be successful. We put extensive resources into this stage of the project.



At Evros, we have some of the most experienced and qualified infrastructure architects in the industry. The design stage is fundamental to all parties agreeing on the correct fundamentals and design philosophy and is the key step to ensuring that the result is what is required and expected by our clients. We run design workshops internally and in conjunction with our client to ensure we have achieved the most efficient systems design prior to deployment.



Deployment typically accounts for well over 50% of the days in most projects. The design architects oversee the deployment by our systems engineers and own the project end to end. It is in this section that our Project Management methodologies come to the fore, ensuring that the tasks are delivered on time and to the required specifications. Deployment is a staged process where the client signs off at every milestone provided in the project plan.


Post Production Support

With all our projects we provide on-site and/or remote post production support. Invariably, this is a support system for the users of the new system as against support of the system itself as the level of testing and go live support will have ensured that the new system is operating efficiently and as committed to our clients.

In addition to post production support, we deliver a complete managed service solution for all our projects.


Go Live

Go Live is when we move from the previous environment to the new deployed and tested environment. This is usually a seamless event due to the level of pre go live testing. However, we do deploy the entire them to the go live event to ensure there were no teething difficulties with the new systems.



As part of the planning and design, a detailed test and roll back plan is developed for every element of the deployment. We run extensive testing on the deployed project that is signed off by the client prior to official go live of the project. Test plans are drawn up. Response times are taken before and after deployment to ensure all metrics are consistent with those committed.